Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Free Olympic flags

Free Olympic Flags and Trash Pack mask template to play the Trash Pack Olympic Game:

See my blog for details. I hope this Olympic Year in Great Britain will be one I can look back on with pride and say we did something to change our children's life and give them a better future. I am giving you something for free so the least I expect is a little support for Struggling Mothers worldwide!

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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Trash Pack Olympic games World flags

When Little Snowflake found out little trashie from Trash Packs could fly, I came up with the original Trash Pack Olympic Games idea with world flags. Here is one of the Trash Pack Characters to tell you a little bit about what you need to play this game. You will be able to buy the flags from me on Ebay shortly!


Order the flags and mask from me on Ebay. Details coming soon. For health and safety reasons your child should wear a mask when you play this game, just in case the trashie flies up in their face. Only happens when the trash can is facing the wrong way.

You will need the big trash pack bin, medium sized trash pack bins to place the flags on and the little trash pack cans.

Have fun with your Trash Pack Olympics!


Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Art & Word school competition translate English to Welsh (for children)

Schools over the world why not do an Art and Word Competition with me (there is a small £1 entry charge for kids, but 50% will go directly to the school funding pot.) Children will be asked to translate an English word into a Welsh word, French, Italian, German etc, depending on which languages your child is learning. Then comes the fun part! They need to create an original character that resembles that word. For example carrot, which translated into Welsh means moron.

And here he is Moron the Welsh Carrot, designed by my own child artist Snowflake.

Here are some other examples. Peas (Peis,) Sweetcorn (Cornmely's) and Cabbage (Bresych.) These are some Welsh words I learnt whilst working in a Welsh School.


Firstly, I want to say that every child is a winner! So even though your child may not come first or second, their artwork will get the full glory it deserves and will be added to a video where all the drawings and words can be seen by the whole world.Who knows it may well get published one day, if it is a huge success.

1st Prize - Handmade plastic sculpture (toy) based on your child's drawing
The winner of the art and word competition will get their very own character made out of plastic, handmade by me Sharon J. Bainbridge. Just take a look at some of the characters I have made based on my child's drawings.



2nd Prize - Your child's drawing animated with their voice as a cartoon charater
All you have to do is email a blank video of your child's voice saying the word they chose in English and Welsh (no video image necessary.) And I will transform this into an animated character like Moron the Welsh Carrot (who sounds a little French, ha ha.) It would be nice to have a Welsh accent to match the words.

3nd Prize - Make your own postcards with your photographic images 
Your child will get ten blank 4x6 inch postcards and ten 4x6 inch photographic images of their character with the English Word translated into Welsh. All they need is a Pritt Glue Stick to glue the photographic art images onto the back of the postcard.  If you would like your child's image to look more cartoon like by revamping it with Photoshop, this can be done with a one off fee, but it is not necessary if your child is really good at colouring in with felt tip colours.

Note. The blank postcards have been designed to glue 4x6 photographs to. This can be artwork or just plain old photographs. I use the best award winning photo lab to develop my photo images. Some photo developing companies cheat on the sizing so there 4x6 inch photo will not fit the 4x6 inch postcard neatly. You cannot print these postcards from home with a normal printer as the card is too thick (top quality postcards for best quality results.) 


If parents wish to buy blank postcards to create art postcards with their child's finished image, the school will get 10p from every sale (retail price 30p per postcard.)



In 2007 I launched my fairy book Butterfly Lullaby at the Dylan Thomas Centre. It has been a very difficult journey. My audience is American and I believe one day things will work out. As you can see below my Butterfly Lullaby book is advertised for over £60+ by Waterstones USA. Borders in Swansea sold 27 of my books in one month. They took 40 books in total and only paid for 10. I personally feel that whoever sells my books which have not been purchased through me, should honour the £1 per book to Cystic Fibrosis for Jodie and give some thought to my little girl who has Asthma.


Famous Robin Stevens from children's TV (Rosie and Jim and the film Labyrinth with David Bowie) told me "Sharon never give up, you will get there!" Here he is reading out my story Colour me a fairies wish. The full version has him holding my fairy puppet, which to this day I am extremely proud of.

I used to have a shop on my Butterfly Lullaby website. Hopefully one day I will get the support I need to protect my work and give hope to other struggling Mothers.

P.S. My daughter gets teased sometimes because she is not as tall as her friends, I think we all say things without thinking. So I have changed her name from Little Snowflake to just plain Snowflake. She told me this morning that nearly all her friends had award plaques and asked why she did not have one. Well I think she deserves an art award, what do you think?

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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Paralympics 2012 Trash Pack Game Madison OZ

Ok I am just about to create the most amazing game using the Trash Pack toys to celebrate Madison coming over to London for the Paralympics 2012.  Only a few days ago I was searching Google when I found a website with my Great Grandad's name and his Wife's details. Nan died not knowing hardly anything about her real family as she was an orphan at the age of 4 years old. So excited is not the word. Who knows we may all get to meet our long lost relations at last. See the photos of my Great Grandparent's at the top of the page, well Google did it again! My Mum's cousin found my You Tube video and sent me a message. We have been trying to figure out where the old photographs were for years as sadly Nan's ones got destroyed by accident. Old photographs have to be treasured so now they can be shared with all our family.


And while you are waiting sing along with Snowflakes Google song. Her friend is in the Olympic Games advert too. Funny how people, places and things just all fit together like a Jigsaw puzzle. See sometimes you have to experience bad times to grow.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Trash Pack Olympic games for children

To celebrate the Olympic Games in the UK why not try and play along using the Trash Pack toys. Below you can click on the image with all the flags. What you need to do is cut the flags out, stick them to lolly sticks and place them in your medium Trash Packs with the lid wide open. When you place your lid on the big trash can and pop the lid, trashie will fly through the air and hopefully land in the Country of your choice.

Here are Snowflakes Fresh Pack toy creations. Don't you think they go brilliantly with the Trash Packs. I can just imagine two fantastic games. One you play with the Trash Pack and Fresh Pack toys and one is a computer game.  I wonder what the Trash Pack creators will think as they are always open to suggestions.

See our other blogs for how to fly Trashie through the air. Will be back soon with the Trash Pack Olympics so you can play along. Of course you can make your own little flags if you prefer. I have done this for quickness.

Back soon to see little Trashie fly. I wonder which Country will win and which Counties will work as a team to win?

Trash Pack v Fresh Pack teamwork Snowflake child artist

Here are my little girls amazing Fresh Pack characters. First she drew the little characters with black pen for me to learn some Welsh. We then coloured them in Photoshop. Then I went about making each individual little character based on her original designs. They are awesome. The characters were created well before we knew about the Trash Pack. Once Trash Pack came out we thought hey this would be fantastic for a game Trash Pack v Fresh Pack. Trash Pack are the bad characters that live in the trash cans and we are the good ones that live in the fridge and houses.

It is funny how bad luck steers you in a different direction. My fairies have stood still for a while and I have been concentrating more on my little girls creations. Well she is the real talent. Just got a friends request from Rolf Harris who we adore. We always joke that Snowflake draws fast just like Rolf Harris. You can see what I mean in the video below.

I am working on a little game called the Trash Pack Olympics. So stay tuned. Funny thing is two days ago I was searching to see if any lost family had found my blogs about our Great Grandad. And there before me was Madison from our family tree. She will hopefully be coming over to London for the Paralympics. How proud are we as a family. Nan's strength must run in the family on her fathers side. Good luck Madi lets see you fly!

Check our other posts for Trash Pack games. And remember you saw it first here with Snowflake putting little Trashie on the lid and popping the trash can so he flies through the air. We also created the little house game. And now for the Olympic Trash Pack which will hopefully make people be a little more kinder to each other as every child deserves a break in life no matter what Country they are from.

Be kind to others! And Snowflake well done for being honest and handing in the wallet you found on the streets yesterday to the bank. I hope the person really appreciates your honesty like I do sweetie. Seriously well done!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Trash Pack game video Trash Pack Explosion

Clever Snowflake has done it again. She was just playing with her Trash Pack Toys and one day she decided to put her little Trashie on the lid of the Trash Can and popped the lid and he flew through the air. We have now made up a fab game for all the family. Even Mummy loves the Trash Pack game!

Here is the original advert for the Trash Packs. As you can see their is no lid popping with flying Trashies. But hey they have sold like mad anyway from just the advert on TV and children's word of mouth. Tell you what guys Children are great little marketing magnets! They are great toys that get children to play the way they used to the old fashioned way. We love them, great fun for all the family. Totally unique!

Watch Snowflake and Marcus play Trash Pack Explosion:


Important! To fly your little Trashie through the air you are going to need the big Trash Pack Can. See the photograph above. That shows you three different sizes. The big one is sold with 6-7 little Trashies inside. That is the one that give your Trashie speed to fly.

If you don't have a dolls house just use some old boxes or create something with toys. Cars anything will do.

1. Place all your Trash Packs in the dolls (if you have one) leave some with lids open

2. Now here is where the fun begins. Place little Trashie on the big green trash can bin and pop the lid. Make sure your face is away from the lid so it does not hit you. Also you need to point the Trash Pack Can backwards so the lid makes it fly towards the dolls house and not the other way.

3. See how many trash cans you can knock over. 10 points each one.

4. See how many middle size trash cans you can land in. 20 points per trash can your trashie lands in.

5. You get points for landing in different rooms. Make up as you go along.

Of course the one with the most points wins the Trash Pack Explosion game, so keep score.

Hopefully we will be able to do something with the schools and run some UK Trash Pack competitions as they could raise money for our schools and get Snowflake out of the black damp house and into the light.

Teamwork is what makes our world a better and happier place for all our children!

London Mum's Magazine Rocks. They are the only Mum's group that has a heart and is willing to help those that need it. Join now if you want to change the world to a better one where teamwork makes life better for all our children! London Mum's don't care what colour you are or which Country you come from. They support all Mum's and children because they are a real team with a heart!

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Trash Pack game for girls use dolls house

Yesterday Snowflake found that if you put a Trash Pack on the big green bin, it flies through the air. This is fantastic as it makes a brilliant game. As you can see their are three types of Trash bins, big, medium and small. You need the big bin to make your trashie fly.

Trash Packs are meant to be for boys. But girls have one serious advantage and that is they have the dolls house to play Trash Pack games with. If your Trashie lands on the roof you get 10 points, bedroom 5 points, music room 3 points, entrance hall you get 1 point taken off. If the Trashie lands on a chair or piece of furniture you get extra points. The chair is 10 points and the bed is the top winner with 20 points. You can also line your trash pack bins up in every room and if they get knocked over by the Trashie then that is an extra 5 points. If he lands in one of the bins you get an extra 10 points.


Getting Mum's and Dad's to play children's games is hard work, but this is guaranteed to get the whole family laughing.

Hope to come back with video footage of this game so you can see the Trashies germ fly through the air and see if he lands in one of the Trash bins or on a chair.

Fly Trash Pack toy how many balloons needed?

How many balloons do you think you need to fly a Trash Pack toy? Well one nearly does it, but not quite. Let us know if you have tried this and how many you needed. Remember you of course need helium balloons like the ones used to fly the house.

Up house flies in real life:

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Trash Pack toys for girls as well as boys

Girls like Trash Pack toys too. They are not just for boys! Cindy Woo our pet Bunny Rabbit was not impressed, she is feeling a little Trash Packed left out!

Snowflake has made up a brilliant game with the Trash Packs and her dolls house. Keep watching!

Scum gum Trash Pack mask real gum

My little girl made a disgusting Trash Pack mask out of trash and used real used gum to decorate. Yuk, yuk, yuk! But kids find this sort of stuff funny and very entertaining. Go on get inventive and see what you can come up with re making a Trash Pack mask out of trash.

Trash pack mask how to make putrid sardine

Trash Pack toys are meant to be for boys. But my little girl loves them. They were at the top of her Christmas and Birthday list. She now has the Trash Pack van and quite a few Trash Packs. They are still new in the UK so quite hard to get hold of (Toys R us stock them.) Here is the video make a Trash Pack mask:

If we get enough viewings I will put the template on this blog.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Trashy and smelly is it Trash Pack?

When I saw the Trashy and smelly toy I thought it was the Trash Pack. But when the children opened it up the cute little characters were not inside. Is this a Trash Pack toy? Anyway looks like I will have to go shopping again for their birthday as they just adore the Trash Pack characters. So far it seems you can only buy them in Toys R Us.

My little girls friend loves the Peas Mask so much I said I would make him one for his birthday. This is based on Snowflakes Peas Pirate which we call the Fresh Pack.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Trash Pack competition UK Snowflake child artist

Snowflake from Wales, UK draws so fast she is just like famous artist Rolf Harris. Here are some of her Trash Pack Designs. Please Trash Pack hold a UK competition for children here in Great Britain so they have a chance to have their designs made into real Trash Pack toys.

For a better view of Snowflakes Trash Pack designs see the You Tube video below:

It would be great if Moose Toys sponsored Snowflake and made the Fresh Pack which are her Vegetable, Fruit and Food Pirates. What a great film it would make The Trash Pack v The Fresh Pack.

For Snowflakes Birthday I have created her little designs into Plastic Characters. They take a long time to make, but it is worth seeing the smile on her face. Her Daddy (Jakson Lee) created the very funky song on this video above.

And her friend is a real talent too. He has been on TV adverts, brilliant little actor with a great imagination. Every Thursday we are doing an arts and crafts Trash Pack activity. So if you love the Trash Packs come on by and see what the kids are up to. Last week they made Trash Packs out of Trash. See our blog for details:

Maybe this week we will make a Trash Pack Mask like the one in the video. Made out of Trash of course!

Good luck everyone who entered the USA and Australian Trash Pack design contest and look forward to seeing your little characters come to life!

Friday, 13 January 2012

Toilet roll trash pack competition design by Snowflake

Snowflake has created lots of wonderful designs for the trash pack competition. Sadly the competition by Moose toys is only for Australia and the USA. Hopefully they will hold one here in the UK sometime this year.

Here is her toilet roll trash pack design. I think he is really cute. Only problem is I have just had a look at the website and they already have a toilet roll trash pack. Never mind! She has plenty of other designs.

Why don't you have a go at designing your very own Trash Pack toy. Here is their Trash Pack website:

Trash pack toys fight Fresh pack

I would recommend pretend fighting with cardboard Knives and forks, not plastic!

Here is the mouldy cheese Trash Pack fighting the Fresh Pack Pirate. Fresh Pack wants to stay Fresh in the Fridge and of course Trash Pack wants to turn mouldy so they can be thrown out in the bin.

Kids have amazing imaginations!

Trash pack toys made out of trash kids art

The Trash Pack toys are in demand all over the UK. But sadly they are quite hard to get hold of. Thankfully my little girl managed to get hold of five from Toys are Us. I think they are great value, 5 for a £1 is well worth it.

I came back from work on Monday to find the kids had created Trash Packs out of Trash. The little cardboard trash pack bins are so cleverly thought out. And then the characters with their own little stands so they do not fall over. Well done kids I think the Trash Pack team will be well impressed!

When I took the old toilet roll holders downstairs I had no idea they were going to be turned into something so creative. Clever kids. So guys if you are waiting for a Trash Pack toy, why not make your own just until Mummy and Daddy can afford to get you some. Or save up your pocket money. But remember to help Mummy around the house so it is well earned!