Friday, 13 January 2012

Trash pack toys made out of trash kids art

The Trash Pack toys are in demand all over the UK. But sadly they are quite hard to get hold of. Thankfully my little girl managed to get hold of five from Toys are Us. I think they are great value, 5 for a £1 is well worth it.

I came back from work on Monday to find the kids had created Trash Packs out of Trash. The little cardboard trash pack bins are so cleverly thought out. And then the characters with their own little stands so they do not fall over. Well done kids I think the Trash Pack team will be well impressed!

When I took the old toilet roll holders downstairs I had no idea they were going to be turned into something so creative. Clever kids. So guys if you are waiting for a Trash Pack toy, why not make your own just until Mummy and Daddy can afford to get you some. Or save up your pocket money. But remember to help Mummy around the house so it is well earned!

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