Sunday, 15 January 2012

Trash Pack competition UK Snowflake child artist

Snowflake from Wales, UK draws so fast she is just like famous artist Rolf Harris. Here are some of her Trash Pack Designs. Please Trash Pack hold a UK competition for children here in Great Britain so they have a chance to have their designs made into real Trash Pack toys.

For a better view of Snowflakes Trash Pack designs see the You Tube video below:

It would be great if Moose Toys sponsored Snowflake and made the Fresh Pack which are her Vegetable, Fruit and Food Pirates. What a great film it would make The Trash Pack v The Fresh Pack.

For Snowflakes Birthday I have created her little designs into Plastic Characters. They take a long time to make, but it is worth seeing the smile on her face. Her Daddy (Jakson Lee) created the very funky song on this video above.

And her friend is a real talent too. He has been on TV adverts, brilliant little actor with a great imagination. Every Thursday we are doing an arts and crafts Trash Pack activity. So if you love the Trash Packs come on by and see what the kids are up to. Last week they made Trash Packs out of Trash. See our blog for details:

Maybe this week we will make a Trash Pack Mask like the one in the video. Made out of Trash of course!

Good luck everyone who entered the USA and Australian Trash Pack design contest and look forward to seeing your little characters come to life!

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