Sunday, 5 February 2012

Trash Pack game video Trash Pack Explosion

Clever Snowflake has done it again. She was just playing with her Trash Pack Toys and one day she decided to put her little Trashie on the lid of the Trash Can and popped the lid and he flew through the air. We have now made up a fab game for all the family. Even Mummy loves the Trash Pack game!

Here is the original advert for the Trash Packs. As you can see their is no lid popping with flying Trashies. But hey they have sold like mad anyway from just the advert on TV and children's word of mouth. Tell you what guys Children are great little marketing magnets! They are great toys that get children to play the way they used to the old fashioned way. We love them, great fun for all the family. Totally unique!

Watch Snowflake and Marcus play Trash Pack Explosion:


Important! To fly your little Trashie through the air you are going to need the big Trash Pack Can. See the photograph above. That shows you three different sizes. The big one is sold with 6-7 little Trashies inside. That is the one that give your Trashie speed to fly.

If you don't have a dolls house just use some old boxes or create something with toys. Cars anything will do.

1. Place all your Trash Packs in the dolls (if you have one) leave some with lids open

2. Now here is where the fun begins. Place little Trashie on the big green trash can bin and pop the lid. Make sure your face is away from the lid so it does not hit you. Also you need to point the Trash Pack Can backwards so the lid makes it fly towards the dolls house and not the other way.

3. See how many trash cans you can knock over. 10 points each one.

4. See how many middle size trash cans you can land in. 20 points per trash can your trashie lands in.

5. You get points for landing in different rooms. Make up as you go along.

Of course the one with the most points wins the Trash Pack Explosion game, so keep score.

Hopefully we will be able to do something with the schools and run some UK Trash Pack competitions as they could raise money for our schools and get Snowflake out of the black damp house and into the light.

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