Sunday, 12 February 2012

Paralympics 2012 Trash Pack Game Madison OZ

Ok I am just about to create the most amazing game using the Trash Pack toys to celebrate Madison coming over to London for the Paralympics 2012.  Only a few days ago I was searching Google when I found a website with my Great Grandad's name and his Wife's details. Nan died not knowing hardly anything about her real family as she was an orphan at the age of 4 years old. So excited is not the word. Who knows we may all get to meet our long lost relations at last. See the photos of my Great Grandparent's at the top of the page, well Google did it again! My Mum's cousin found my You Tube video and sent me a message. We have been trying to figure out where the old photographs were for years as sadly Nan's ones got destroyed by accident. Old photographs have to be treasured so now they can be shared with all our family.


And while you are waiting sing along with Snowflakes Google song. Her friend is in the Olympic Games advert too. Funny how people, places and things just all fit together like a Jigsaw puzzle. See sometimes you have to experience bad times to grow.

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  1. Good luck Madison we are routing for you here in the UK. Wow we have found our long lost family at last all thanks to Google.