Saturday, 11 February 2012

Trash Pack Olympic games for children

To celebrate the Olympic Games in the UK why not try and play along using the Trash Pack toys. Below you can click on the image with all the flags. What you need to do is cut the flags out, stick them to lolly sticks and place them in your medium Trash Packs with the lid wide open. When you place your lid on the big trash can and pop the lid, trashie will fly through the air and hopefully land in the Country of your choice.

Here are Snowflakes Fresh Pack toy creations. Don't you think they go brilliantly with the Trash Packs. I can just imagine two fantastic games. One you play with the Trash Pack and Fresh Pack toys and one is a computer game.  I wonder what the Trash Pack creators will think as they are always open to suggestions.

See our other blogs for how to fly Trashie through the air. Will be back soon with the Trash Pack Olympics so you can play along. Of course you can make your own little flags if you prefer. I have done this for quickness.

Back soon to see little Trashie fly. I wonder which Country will win and which Counties will work as a team to win?

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  1. For a kinder world for children all Countries need to work together as a team for a better and brighter future. When it comes to sports I am just not interested as I see things in our world that really need fixing and are far more important. But hey ho the Trash Pack game is fun as long as it is not taken too seriously as after all it is only a game. And when you think about it their are people that are good at sports so it is nice to see them shine.